When it comes down to it, we hold mate-ship in the highest regard. The Kangaroo & Kiwi has been built on that and has become a family in itself. As you move through the pub you will likely hear accents from every corner of the world, all enjoying a pint a bit of a yarn. So get up and come say G'day.

Being in Seattle a long way from Australia, of course homesickness often kicks in. With the Aussie and Kiwi culture being very similar, it seemed like it just had to work. We have a great history dating back to WW1, when we fought as the ANZACS for the British Empire at Gallipolli. Australians and New Zealanders have a great sporting rivalry, and the banter off of the field can also be lively.

The origin of the public house “pub” often served multiple functions including a post office, hotel, restaurant, and meeting place. The culture of such an environment created a very social society in which people didn’t sit and linger. Instead they are up, moving around the pub and getting to know everyone around which is why you won’t find table service in an Australian pub.

With the introduction of the American style bar top, the main room of the pub quickly turned into a male dominant environment. As the women’s movement grew, an introduction to the Ladies Lounge in many pubs became quite common. This is a room apart from the main bar where the women and children would often gather. Along with the Ladies Lounge, the growth of beer gardens occurred where families and children were able to socialize as well.

In 1997, an Australian comedy was created in which a famous quote came: “….straight to the pool room”, meaning something is worthy of treasuring and preserving. We’ve created our very own pool room with free shuffle board, darts, and of course pool.

You will often find a variety of sporting events being played including rugby, Australian rules football, cricket, and soccer. We also always support our local teams. Keep an eye out for our monthly functions and weekly games as gaming is also a large part of Australian culture.